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Application of RFID Technology in Marathon

The use of radio frequency technology has made it easier to tens of thousands of marathon runners, rather than spending a lot of manpower and material resources in the past. The motion timing system is based on TI-Rfid technology and will collect data from all marathon runners from around the world. The use of radio […]

iButton Comprehensive Briefing

What is iButton? The iButton is a computer chip packaged in a 16mm thick stainless steel housing. Thanks to its unique rugged casing, the latest information can be carried anywhere, along with people or objects. In fact, because the steel iButton housing is strong enough to withstand harsh environments indoors or outdoors, the iButton can […]

Hospital Maternal and Child RFID Wristband

At present, most hospitals in obstetrics and gynecology generally use the logo ring for mothers and babies when they are born, until they are discharged from the hospital to identify the mother and the baby. This symbol ring is a pure physical medium and can be easily exchanged. The existing management system of the hospital […]